Premier Body Armor: Protecting Law Enforcement, The Military, and The Public With Best Bulletproof Vests

The looming threat of gun violence has triggered eager debates about the requirement for officers to wear bulletproof body armor, which would defend them from possible injuries caused by weapons and other objects. Protection and safety are the subject matter at hand. A few of the main drawbacks with body armor that is currently being worn are the weight and its bulkiness. While it does the job of protecting against firearms it’s not comfortable to wear.

The bulletproof vests are protection for the chest and back and helps diminish the impact of a bullet, done so by scattering the energy produced by the bullet to a bigger area on the vest, therefore preventing the bullet from penetrating completely through the armor. It is usually made up of the hard as well as flexible fabrics. A variety of these sheets fabrics are arranged to form a harsh wall against the bullet.

One such company Premier Body Armor, provides complete body armor systems to defend against dangers like hand guns, shot guns, and high-powered rifles. Instead of ceramic plates or molded fabrics, they utilize the only steel plate in the world with a multi-curve design. The company manufactures its products in the U.S.A. at their headquarters in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

Premier Body Armor was founded in 2013 and has manufactured armors for the United States Special Operations Command, The United States Special Marine Corps, North American and International OEM’s, private security providers, government agencies, as well as the Department of Defense. One of their best armors, the Premier Durus 8000, is a highly revolutionary body armor system which is made from steel plates and plate carriers . They are also multi-curved to form to the body for the ultimate comfort and protection. This revolutionary twist is the only steel plate of its kind in the world. Being extremely thin, around 5mm and lightweight, it weighs only 4.01 pounds. The Premier Durus 8000 is the best bullet resistant armor system available.

Moreover, Premier Body Armor is documented as one of the pioneer companies in the United States that is currently manufacturing body armor. This company has developed into a worldwide provider with the most reliable and cost effective body armor. It is all because of the excellence and functionality of their products and their capability to meet and exceed customer expectations. The Company’s product portfolio, high-end solutions, on-time delivery, qualified sales personnel, and ability to handle large demand are all reasons that makes this a reliable company.

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