Book the Oldest Hostelry in Exmouth for Spending Luxurious Holiday

Everyone loves to go for a vacation. Working throughout the year takes a toll on your mental and physical strength and thus it become important to replenish the body’s strength by taking a break. There are a lot of holiday destinations across the world, but if you wish to just sit in a hotel enjoying the serene sea views, Exmouth, England is the best place for you. Exmouth is a small port town in the East of England. The town is situated on the mouth of river Exe and holds a small population.

There are wide array of options to enjoy in Exmouth. Exmouth Arts Festival is known across Britain as one of the best multi-art festivals. The weeklong festival is known to showcase the talents of arts and music and thus offer matchless entertainment to spectators. The festival is hosted very year in the month of May and is one of the best times to visit Exmouth.

For those looking to go on a holiday to the port town, finding Exmouth accommodation is not as difficult as it may seem. Even with a small population, the town has great hotels and resorts for visitors to relax and have fun while on vacation. One of the leading hotels in Exmouth is The Manor Hotel. The Manor Hotel, rated as one of the top-class Exmouth’s hotel by its customers, offers top notch services to its clients. Built on the historic Regency Beacon, the hotel offers quality leisure services from its range of suites and rooms.

This hotel is one of the first properties to be built on the beacon and is also a popular destination wedding location. The Manor Hotel is also one of the best party venues Exmouth. The hotel offers banquets and private dining areas for all sorts of events including wedding ceremonies, conference meetings and private parties. For people who wish to have a quite wedding, The Manor Hotel, Exmouth is the place to be. The luxury services provided by the hotel in its 40 rooms as well as the local sightseeing services are unmatched in town.

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